AirRider Inflatable Hull  Series

                Every possiblity for every task, the AirRider Hovercraft has you covered

                       Recreational - Commercial - Passenger - Rescue - Utility - Military

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* Propeller .......   forward/reverse pitch  
* Hybrid skirt ....  stable hovering characteristics
* Inflatable hull.. 5 air tight compartments
* Economical ...... 4-stroke engine  
* Easy to drive ... steering wheel control

The engine fires into life, opening the throttle you gather speed and make the transition from land out to deep water, then turn into the shallows and keep flying until the water thins out to a glaze in the low tidal wash. You explore hidden places that few people ever see. You cross sand bars, beaches, and hover far inland up rivers, shooting the rapids and skimming over river bed stones. It’s totally unrestricted freedom. It’s an exhilarating assault on the senses. It’s another perfect day on your AirRider Hovercraft.


HoverWorks New Zealand announces the manufacturing expansion of the 

AirRider series of hovercraft to Canada.


AirRider Hovercraft International Canada is licenced for manufacture,

sales and service of AirRider Hovercraft worldwide.

Click here for Canadian Web Site.

=The go-anywhere adventure=

land - stony rivers - beaches

mudflats - lakes - snow