AirRider Easy Build Hovercraft Kitset 


Quiet Operation: Unlike the majority of other small hovercraft, the AirRider Hovercraft is quiet in operation. The two contributing factors to low noise are the low revving 4-stroke engine fitted with a specially designed super quiet exhaust muffler and the slow rotating variable pitch propeller.


AirRider Hovercraft Operating Sound Level
AirRider Hovercraft Cruise: 70% power 20m /65ft 75db
AirRider Hovercraft Max: 100% power 20m /65ft  81db


Decibel (dB) Sound Level Comparison
Threshold of Hearing   0db
Quiet Whisper   30db
Quiet Street   50db
Normal Conversation   50db
Vacuum Cleaner   70db
Curbside Busy City Street   80db
Rotary Mower   90db
Chain Saw   110db
Amplified Rock and Roll   120db
Jet Aircraft 50m / 165ft 140db